Why You Should Choose Fabuwood

Fabuwood is fast becoming one of the most easily recognized companies for kitchen furniture in the United States, and one of the fastest growing as well. They add one new dealer on a daily basis and hire one new employee each week, which is more than impressive in these troubled times. Among their many reputed online dealers is Builder Outlet USA, which boasts a number of fantastic cabinet brands and a huge number of good options for the discerning buyer.

Fabuwood Cabinets

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This company’s products, such as the Fabuwood Wellington Ivory, are far less expensive than you would expect solid wood furniture to be. At the same time, they are very high-quality imports and put domestic products in the same price range to shame. Easily their best feature, however, is the fact Fabuwood believes in offering its customers a custom experience as far as design is concerned. They have a large number of collections, lines and pride themselves on the fact that for every customer, they have the perfect kitchen, whether classic, contemporary or anything in between.

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Fabuwood Cabinets

Image Resource: BuilderOutletUSA | Fabuwood Cabinets


Whether you’re ordering the Fabuwood Wellington Ivory or another of their fantastic products, you can be sure that you’ll get great service from this cabinetry company. What has kept Fabuwood at the top of their game is the fact that unlike many of their competitors, they do not need months on end to process and ship their orders. Instead, they believe in prompt responses and understand more than most the importance of a well-stocked warehouse to prevent delays. Rarely will their customers find problems like back ordering.


Thanks to Fabuwood’s continuous innovation and forward thinking spirit, you get the added benefit of an integrated and coordinated approach for your new kitchen. Now, when you order your brand new Fabuwood Wellington Ivory kitchen cabinet, you can also order the perfect countertop to go with it. Even better, if you have kitchen products that you’ve bought from someplace else and lack the finish that you would like, Fabuwood will do it for you. They believe in reducing your costs without reducing your class, and they are doing an admirable job.

Fabuwood Cabinets

Image Resource: BuilderOutletUSA | Fabuwood Cabinets

Your Final Choice

The verdict on Fabuwood is this: while there have been a few problems with the pure whites, the Fabuwood Wellington Ivory is beyond reproach. If you’ve been thinking of remodeling, or are moving house, or are finally able to afford the gorgeous wooden cabinets you’ve wanted for so long, go for them. Fabuwood is the only furniture brand that can give you this much value for money because everyone knows that kitchen cabinets are inordinately expensive. In the words of many dealers, Fabuwood is the only importer they trust, which is possible why it goes from strength to strength even in this sort of economic climate. Fabuwood, contrary to popular belief, offers a five-year warranty, and all assembly work is done in New Jersey. Choose Fabuwood and they will impress you with both their quality and their price.

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